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Safety Services Form

Safety Services provides SouthBrook with a group of servants ready, willing, and able to meet any immediate safety, medical, or security issue. Most often this involves monitoring the weather, being vigilant for suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary behaviors, and ensuring proper scrutiny and isolation for SBKids areas during services. The team is mostly composed of current or former first responders, law enforcement, military, and/or medical professionals, however, we are glad to interview interested people from all professions and skill sets. Safety Services supports Sunday services as well as other special events as determined by the event sponsors and SouthBrook Leadership. We also have a Traffic Team that supports Sunday services.
If interested, please fill out the application below. Questions? Contact

Personal Situations

The questions listed below are part of our interview process in order to help provide a safe and secure environment for our church. All information is held strictly confidential. Answering yes to any of these questions may not necessarily preclude your involvement on a volunteer team, but certain convictions disqualify you from serving in our children & student ministries. Please refer to the regulations on the attached document. Thank you for your understanding.

Background Information


List three adults you have known for at least one year, who are NOT RELATED to you and have a definite knowledge of your character and ability.

Application Statement

I hereby authorize SouthBrook to verify all information contained in this application. Should my application be accepted, I agree to follow the policies and practices of SouthBrook when representing SouthBrook as a volunteer. I understand that this personal information will be held confidential by SouthBrook.